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Lucy Anna

FarmerDoodles Lucy is a mini, apricot multigen, Goldendoodle. She weighs 23 lbs. Lucy has passed her Canine Good Citizen and has grown up along side 5 young children who adore her! Lucy produes exceptional puppies for us. She is clear of Genetic Diseases along with clearances for Hip/Elbows/Heart and Eyes.



This very sweet girl is an F1 English Goldendoodle. She weighs 45 lbs. Gunpowder has all her health clearances. We look forward to seeing her babies!


FarmerDoodles Zuzu is a Granddaughter of our very first Goldendoodle:) We are pleased to continue this line with her!  She is a small/medium multigen, cream Goldendoodle who weighs 30 lbs. She lives in a guardian home with our retired stud boy (her father). Zuzu is clear for Genetic Disease along with clearances for Hips/Elbows/Heart and Eyes.


FarmerDoodles Rosey is our mini, red, multgenerational Double Doodle. She is dark red in color and weighs approx. 23 lbs. Rosey has completed all her basic/advanced training and is also Therapy Dog Certified. Rosey is a very socialable girl and is well known in her circle! She lives with her guardian parents and two young children :)

Rosey is clear of Genetic Disease along with Clearances on Hips/Elbows/Heart and Eyes. Her coat is -/+(wavy), IC clear and non-shedding.


Bailey is our Choclate/white Parti girl. She weighs in at 45lbs. Bailey is a sweet and easy going, calm girl. She has all her health testing complete. 


Cassie is our red, large/medium, F1 Girl. She weighs around 50 lbs.  She has completed her canine good citizens training!  Cassie is a fun playful girl who enjoys go for walks/runs and the Farmers Market. She is clear for Genetic Diseases along with clearances for Hips/Elbows/All of her health clearances is complete. 


FarmerDoodles Maggie is our Cream Abstract Multigen Mini Girl who weighs in at 23 lbs.

This girl is a trainors Dream! She is smart, calm and super sweet.

Maggie is clear for Genetic Diseases along with clearances for Hips/Elbows/Heart and Eyes. Her coat is -/+ for curl. 


FarmerDoodles June is another one of our wonderful red/white multigenerational girl. She weighs about 33lbs.

June is about as happy and carefree as they come with that go with the  flow attitude. June is the offspring of Ginger/Winston.

She is cleared for Genetic Diseases and also has clearances for Hip/Elbow/Hear and Eyes.  Her Coat is -/+ for curl. 


This girl is a great combo of snuggles and let's play ball! She weighs in around 46 lbs. She is a wonderful medium size with a great wavy coat!

Bella is Clear for Genetic Diseases as well as clearances for Hips/Elbow/Heart and Eyes. 


FarmerDoodles Jasmine is a Mini multigen Red/White Goldendoodle. She weighs 20 lbs.

Jasmine is a loveable girl who is working towards her Therapy Dog Certification with the goal of visiting hospitals. We should see her first litter in 2018.

Jasmine is clear of genetic diseases including clearances for Hips/Elbows/Heart and Eyes. Her coat is -/- for curl and IC clear. 


FarmerDoodles Brienne (Bri) is a medium size, cream multigen goldendoodle. This girl weighs in at 35 lbs.

Miss Bri has a sweet and soft personality with a strong desire to please. She is happy to be curled up at your feet or running around the yard playing.

Brienne is clear of Genetic Diseases, including clearances for Hips/Elbow/Heart and Eyes. Her coat -/- for curl and IC clear. 

Thank you Goldendoodle Acres for this Super Girl!


FarmerDoodles Lexi is our small/medium, apricot, multigen sweetie! She weighs in around 33 lbs. Lexi is a people pleaser, soft and playful girl.

Lexi is clear for Genetic Diseases along with Hip/Elbows/Heart and Eye clearances. She is -/- for curl and IC clear. She will have her first litter in 2018.


Kona is our multigen English cream Goldendoodle. She weighs around 60 lbs. Kona is a lover of children, cats and other dogs. Kona is sure to pass along her relaxed, easy going and calm personality to her offspring. Kona can produce creams/apricots/reds and chocolates.

Kona is clear of Genetic Diseases along with clearances for Hips/Elbows/Heart and Eyes. She is -/- for curl and IC clear. 

Thank you Cedar Lake Doodles of Wisconsin for this Awsome Girl!


FarmerDoodles Mia is our mini dark apricot multigen girl. Mia weighs 18 lbs. She is super sweet, snuggly and LOVES belly rubs. 

Mia is clear for Genetic Diseases as well as clearances for Hips/Elbows/Heart and eyes. She is -/- for curl (straight).

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