OUR story

Carefully Crafted Companion

FarmerDoodles has been breeding Goldendoodles & Bernedoodles in Ohio for 15 plus years. Our focus is to create healthy, confident, easy-to-train companions with little to no shedding, compared to the average dog. To accomplish this, we start with the best parents who have great temperaments, are well socialized, and have been extensively health tested. We also utilize the benefits of coat testing to determine coat type and shedding probability.

We will work closely with your family to help pair the perfect puppy with you! We are a family of five with 2 grown daughters and 1 son. Our daughter Sara is also a working partner with us! Our son was diagnosed with high functioning autism at 3 1/2. Seeing the benefits of having our son involved in the care of animals and upon meeting our first Goldendoodle, we knew this was the perfect fit for us.

Where It Started

Who could resist the fun loving, comical, "I want to please my human!" that the Goldendoodle & Bernedoodle is? This began our journey into breeding Goldendoodles. It is common to see our dogs/puppies become therapy dog certified.

We are grateful to our mentor Carrie with Doodle All Day for helping us start our program! To keep up to date on best canine care and breeding practices, we surround ourselves with the best team, including our trainer, Paramount Dog Training (www.paramountdogtraining.com); our reproductive veterinarians; Dr. Hutchison, Dr. Greenfield, and Dr. Pentacost at Animal Clinic Northview (www.northviewvet.com). We also participate in ongoing education yearly to stay up to date on best breeding practices and care.
"Melissa is a superb breeder! I was very fortunate to have found her. Your passion and dedication to breeding Goldendoodles is very much shown in all you do. Thank you for your patience during the adoption process and for answering all the emails after we picked up our Charlie! I highly recommend her!"
Omaira M — Customer