Awesome breeder, they take great pride in raising awesome puppies!! My goldendoodle is so sweet and friendly!

- James L.

It is completely worth it to drive 5.5 hours to pick up our nugget, Fuji, 4 weeks ago when he was 8 weeks old! He received a clean healthy bill from our vet, sleep thru the night at 9 weeks old, really smart and handsome. Melissa did an amazing job raising them with proper socialization. We notice a big difference between Fuji and other puppies that were not properly socialized during training sessions. It makes him way easier to train. Even the trainer mentioned that he has the temperament to be a therapy dog!

- Nils L.

We got our Sophie from Melissa 8 yrs ago. She is the best thing I've ever done for my family, especially my daughter. Sophie is so laid back and easy going. She was the perfect addition to complete our family. I'm praying we have many more years with her, as I can't imagine our home without our precious Farmerdoodles, Sophie.

- Amy B.

We brought home Rusty Rollo 5 years ago. She picked perfect for us. She was so great we trusted her all along the way. He's our first dog, we would do it all again.

- Michelle S.

Melissa is an amazing breeder. My wife and I are first time dog Pawrents with the addition of Luna (from litter of Maggie and Sprout) to our family over the summer. Leading up to our pick up date, Melissa was so informative, providing tips and training materials to help us prepare. She was quick to respond to all of our questions, and provided us with an amazing pup! Luna is the greatest dog and we will most certainly come back to Melissa should we decide to get another mini golden doodle in the future!

- Seth W.

Great experience with Farmer Doodles. Melissa is very knowledgeable and helped select a puppy who is a great fit with our "senior" dog. Thanks so much, we love Bo!

Jennifer W.

Melissa is a superb breeder! I was very fortunate to have found her. Your passion and dedication to breeding Golden doodles is very much shown in all you do. Thank you for your patience during the adoption process and for answering all the emails after we picked up our Charlie! I highly recommend her!

- Omaira M.

Melissa is extraordinarily informed about the breed of dog she is involved with. She takes the time and spends the money the way that it should be spent to do right by the puppies she produces. She is friendly, professional, and willing to devote necessary time to helping clients select the perfect pick for them and their lifestyle. Her guardian program makes the entire operation foolproof, with allowing others to take part in making her business as successful as it is and at the same time allows another family to enjoy the company of a furry friend. Having spent much of my time see the wrong way to go about doing what she does, she is a refreshing take in the dog breeding industry. Highly recommend FarmerDoodles to anyone wanting an even tempered and easily trainable pooch!

- Jenn R.

Melissa and Tim are the epitome of professional. They truly care for their dogs, their guardians, and their ethics. This is evident in their contracts and the care they show for each sweet doodle soul they help bring into this world. When we get together for family events, there are 5 Farmer doodles in attendance, each every bit a family member as the humans. Thank you for being the standard to which other breeders should be held.

Jennifer C.

The absolute best people to work with. We have two lovely goldendoodles from the Farmers and couldn't be happier.

- Thomas P.

We got our minidoodle, Finn, from Farmer Doodles last year. He is the most well tempered, well behaved dog you will ever meet. Wonderful breeder!

- Beth P.

We love our mini doodle!!!!! Buckets just turned one and we love her. She's a momma's girl and I just love how snuggly she is. She loves kids and all guests fall in love with her too! Plus, she's super super cute!

- Tricia B.

We got our F1 goldendoodle from Farmer and he is the most amazing, well tempered and loving dog. People, from our groomer to our vet, comment on how calm and good he is and honestly he's been pretty much like that from day one. Cannot say enough good things about his temperament.

- Kate M.

We got our puppy from Farmer Doodles in December and could not be happier! He was well trained to use the bathroom on a pad and was just such a well-behaved puppy from the very beginning! The puppies are raised in a friendly, clean home environment and Melissa was very pleasant and helpful as we considered adopting. We are so in love with our incredible mini goldendoodle and I would recommend Farmer Doodles to everyone! Fabulous breeder with absolutely amazing dogs!

- Britton G.

We had the best experience with Melissa and Farmer Doodles. She and her family raises these puppies with such love and care... As an allergic family, we feel so lucky to now have the most wonderful dog as a member of our family - Melissa worked very patiently with us so we felt completely comfortable with the process... I want more farmer doodles!

- Kirsten Q.

I am extremely allergic to dogs but then I found out about farmer doodles Melissa was so helpful and now I have my wonderful loving sweet girl can't imagine life without her.

- Hilary M.

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