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How much are your puppies?
A: All of our puppies are $2,500 regardless of color or gender.

How do I get on the reservation list for a litter? 
A: Please fill out of the following form, and include your $500 reservation fee by check, cashier's check or money order made payable to Farmer Doodles. Final Payment of $2000 will be due no later than the 4th week of the puppy. Reservation payments or final payments made via a credit card can be done by using the blue Good Dog link on our homepage.

Do your puppies shed? 
A: We heavily utilize DNA testing to reduce shedding propensity as much as possible, most of our litters are very low to no shedding. Learn more here.

What generation are your puppies? 
A: We primarily breed multigenerational Goldendoodles.

I am looking for an F1/F1b - do you have any puppies of either generation? 
A: I no longer breed F1's, on a rare occasion we will have a litter of F1b's. This is primarily due to the new DNA testing that is available we are able to control the look and shed factor in our litters. This is easiest done with multigenerational litters. The "generation" of your puppy will not give you the relevant information you need to determine shedding issues. The DNA testing that we perform on all parent dogs will do so.

I have allergies, will a puppy from one of your litters be problematic? 
A: Many things can affect allergies, not just having a non-shedding dog. If you have allergy issues, we cannot guarantee you will not have a reaction - even if we place a non-shedding puppy with you. There is no such thing as a "hypo-allergenic dog" - a person can be allergic to saliva, poodle genes or golden retriever genes separately. I recommend people with allergy problems brush their dogs daily to reduce allergens that will be brought in from outdoors. We have placed many puppies with allergy suffers and have had great success in doing so.

Do you ship or offer ground transport? How much does this cost? 
A: Yes, we ship to all parts of the United States! Air transport is an additional $450 which includes a crate, food, water and travel costs for your puppy. If you would prefer ground transport we recommend using Rose with Cuddle Care Pet Transport

How does your selection process work? 
A: The time that you place your deposit with us does not make a difference, we do not work on a first come, first serve basis. We will try to preselect two puppies for each family to choose from based on our own assessment of the puppies and the bio that you provide us about your family. Not every family is guaranteed two choices, especially with smaller litter sizes.

Why does your selection process work this way? 
A: Firstly, families choosing from an entire litter is stressful for both families and our puppies. You do not know the puppies the way that we do. Secondly, puppies at this age still require scheduled naps and feedings, having a litter of puppies on display for 6-8 hours straight interferes with their regular schedule.

Can I bring my children with me to pick up our puppy? 
A: Yes! The pick up of the puppy is a Group style event! Plan on spending 1-2 hours with us as we share specific information and strategies for your first few weeks with puppy. This is a great time for children to be hear as it can help prepare them as well. 

Do you have any adult dogs for sale? 
A: All of our adult dogs are placed in their forever homes when they are puppies themselves, we do not sell adult dogs. 

Will you hold my puppy for an extra week or two? I'm going on vacation at the same time/right after/right before puppy go home!!!
A: Yes! We now offer a stay and train option that you can utilize during this time!

Can I come see your puppies before I send my reservation fee? 
A: No. With the amount of requests we see per week that continue to rise, we simply cannot accommodate this kind of scheduling. With having young puppies in our home, we absolutely must limit the foot traffic in our home as this increases the transmission of deadly diseases such as Parvovirus as well as parasites such as coccidia and giardia.

Do you have any references?/How do I know you are the right breeder/your dogs are the right fit for my family? 
A: You can find out more about us by visiting our facebook page, reading our reviews and past clients’ posts. You can also email Blue at and ask her for written correspondence that she has from families that have worked with us in the past. In addition, you can see our parents on our websites along with that dogs’ individual bio.

I've never met a Goldendoodle, and I want to make sure this is the right breed for me, can I come meet one of your adult dogs? 
A: No, see above question about visiting our puppies. Here is how you can determine that the Goldendoodle is the breed for you: do your research to determine the breed's characteristics to see if they will mesh well into your family and lifestyle. We have a recommended book you can find on our homepage.

I am looking for an older puppy that has been crate/potty trained, do you offer this? 
A: We now offer started/training puppies! Your puppy can be placed with our trainers at for either a 2 week or 4 week program! Please see our training page for further information.

Do you sell trained therapy dogs? 
A: We do not, there are a few ways to pursue obtaining a therapy dog; you can go through nonprofit organization that provides this service, but this route is often costly with a lengthy wait time. The other option is to purchase a puppy and work with a private trainer to achieve therapy dog certification. If you visit you can find more information on what your dog will need to do to pass this certification.

Is my reservation fee/payments made refundable? 
A: No, it is not. However, we can move you to another litter within 1 year of placing your reservation. You must notify me by the time the puppies are 4 weeks old on the litter that you have originally placed your reservation in order to do this. No refunds of any monies paid will be given.

How do I make final payment? 
A: You may pay via check or cashier's check, your final payment must be made by the time the puppies have reached 4 weeks of age. In addition, you may remit payment via the Good Dog website. You may find the Blue payment link on our Home page. 

I am interested in a litter, do you have a female/male available? 
A: Keep in mind that most of our litters are full before they are born, and we have no way of knowing what genders and how many of each gender we will have - Mother Nature is responsible for that. If your preference on gender is non-negotiable, you must have an open time frame to get what you are looking for.

I want a specific color/coat type, will I get what I am looking for? 
A: We will absolutely take your preferences for these types of things into consideration as much as we can, but it is not guaranteed. The temperament of the puppy and how it will fit into your home takes priority over the way that it looks. If a specific color is a priority, you must have an open time frame to get what you are looking for.

Will a male or female fit better with my family? 
A: Please refer to this article about the differences in male and female dogs.

What if I cannot make my appointment time? 
A: We work with several families per litter, I cannot accommodate each and every family's schedule. Therefore, be prepared to work around mine. If you cannot be available at your selected appointment dates and times, we will move on to the next family.

What if I can no longer care for the puppy/dog? 

A. You are required to contact us first. We will allow the return, but we will not issue refunds. Any funds recovered thru the re-homing process will be at the discretion of the breeder. If you decide to keep the puppy/dog with you while going thru a re-home process, it must include our support and approval. Although we understand things can happen in life that cause major changes, we have the expectation that our pups are not dispensable and our families have a life long committment to their new puppy.