What will I need for my new puppy?

To help you save time and focus on items that you truly only need at this initial stage, we have created a list to assist you! Over the years we have used many different brands and products. We have narrowed our list down to just a few tried-and-true favorites! 

Because puppies are still growing and learning appropriate behavior when they join their new families, you will notice that I am recommending some products that are cheaper on the budget while others will be better quality and a little more money. The puppy chewing behavior is the main reason why I take this approach. Once your dog has matured and is reliably trained, you can upgrade some of these items if you like. For example, collars, leashes, and crates do not need to be the best of the best and can cost a fortune during puppyhood. Meanwhile, food, treats, and toys should be of higher quality.

Besides Life’s Abundance products and the WashnZip pet bed, all items can easily be found on Amazon. Simply click the link to the items you want and add them to your cart.