Mini Goldendoodles

Our mini goldendoodle parents range in size from 15-25 lbs. For those that would like a real lap dog, this is a great option! The most common question we are asked about mini goldendoodles is in regards to temperament. The temperament of the mini should b the same of the bigger goldendoodles. Yappiness and bossy behavior typically seen in smaller dogs is due to one of two reasons. It is either the breed purpose or the way they are trained/handled. Smaller dogs tend to be picked up and carried around more and are often allowed to get away with behavior larger dogs are not. Simply because it is not as intrusive when a small dog jumps up as it is when a larger dogs jump up. I encourage families that would like this size range to treat their new pet just as they would a larger dog. Setting limits and teaching clear expectations is just as important for the smaller size as it is the bigger size.

Medium Goldendoodles

Our medium goldendoodle parents range in size from 30-45 lbs. This size range is perfect for those who want to feel like they have a dog but in a slightly smaller package! This size range can still be picked up if needed, which can be a concern when our pets enter the geriatric stage. This size still travels easily enough should you be the family that vacations with your pets.

Standard Goldendoodles

Our standard goldendoodle parents range in size from 50-65 lbs. For those large dog lovers, this is a perfect size! If you have the right vehicle, traveling with these doods should not be a problem. Like the smaller version, training will be important so you are not finding yourself being dragged on your daily walks or being knocked to the floor with joyful jumping! With all sizes, pack leadership is always key in training and behavior.